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EGS Energy is focused on extracting the energy located deep in the granite rocks that are found in many areas throughout Europe, delivering it in the form of electricity and the heat itself.  EGS Energy brings together the leading European experts in the field of engineered geothermal systems, with over 70 years’ experience between them.

Based in Penzance, Cornwall, and with an office in London, EGS Energy will deploy its team’s extensive sectoral knowledge, gained over 30 years working with deep geothermal projects and in setting up of two geothermal plants in Germany, to work with clients to develop sites optimal for the creation of engineered geothermal systems.  These will initially be in Cornwall.

Photograph of Penzance

With its partners, EGS Energy is employing direct experience and know-how gained from operating engineered geothermal systems to its mission of enabling the exploitation of geothermal energy on a commercial scale, both as a developer and as a consultant.

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