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EGS Energy entered into an agreement in March 2011 with three other leading companies in the geothermal sector: German BESTEC GmbH, GPC Instrumentation Process SARL of France, and Australia-based Hot Dry Rocks Pty Ltd.

The consortium saw great value in forming a strategic alliance and working together to lead the development of deep geothermal technology and projects.  The shared understanding between the four countries’ leading geothermal specialists will help develop the sector responsibly.

The four companies that make up the new EGS Global Group alliance are:

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  • EGS Energy Limited, a UK company specialized in project development, finance, planning, marketing, geophysics; numerical modelling of reservoirs.
  • BESTEC GmbH, a German company expert in engineering, design of EGS systems, drilling, stimulations, reservoir analysis, operations.  www.bestec-for-nature.com
  • GPC Instrumentation Process SARL, a French company specialized in the exploration and development of low-medium enthalpy resources, design and engineering of geothermal district heating systems, sustainable reservoir management.  www.gpc-france.com
  • Hot Dry Rocks Pty Limited, an Australian company expert in worldwide heat resource exploration and assessment, resource modelling, rock property measurements.  www.hotdryrocks.com

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